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What are Italian Greyhounds?

An “iggy” should look like a miniature greyhound. more slender in all proportions. His action should be high stepping and free. His coat should be short, fine and glossy. It feels as soft and smooth as satin.


It is believed that the Italian Greyhound originated in Egypt. In fact mummified dogs very similar to today’s breed have been found in the tombs of the Pharoahs. The dog was brought by the Romans to the Mediterranean area in the 6th century B.C where it became a favourite of Greek and Roman life. The great Tapestry Cycle known as the Lady and the Unicorn, woven around 1500, features many little greyhounds very similar to the Italian Greyhound of today. Italian Greyhounds were great favourites in European courts in the 15th 16th and 17th centuries.

Like many toy varieties, the little Italian Greyhound was bred to serve as a loving companion.

The Italian Greyhound was fancied by ladies of the court quickly winning the hearts of many including Mary Queen of Scots and Anne of Denmark.

Frederic the Great succumbed to their charms, and carried his favourite with him, even into battle. It is said that during the Seven Years War, Frederick found it necessary to hide from the enemy under a bridge. If the little dog had barked a warning or whined in fear, Frederick and Prussia would have met an early and tragic fate. But the dog comforted his master in silence.

In the 19th century, miniaturization was carried to extremes in Europe and Britain. These tiny dogs were frail and shivery with popping eyes and apple heads - highly undesirable features which led to a loss of popularity in the breed. In 1900 the British Italian Greyhound Breed Club was formed with the aim of producing fit and healthy animals with the rquired “type” of the breed.

Current devotees sing praises of their easy care, their cleanliness, their quiet behaviour and cuddly temperament. Owners be warned however that they are lovers of comfort - they are house dogs who love luxury ( velvet cushions and your bed). Their small size lets them receive plenty of exercise in and outside the house followed by extended snuggle times.


This is a very intelligent breed but these dogs tend to use their brains to please themselves and their own special humans rather than anyone who gives them instructions. This loyalty to their family is wonderful! They are easy dogs to live with as they quickly adapt to their owner’s ways.


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Italian Greyhound
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