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Laviz Hungarian Vizslas Superb dogs; Vizslas are extremely loving dogs, and are at their happiest when fully involved in family activities.

Flickr photo pages Our millions of photos of italian greyhounds - just fun pictures

NSW Canine Council Dogs New South Wales - Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership DNSW members are bound by a code of ethics covering responsible dog ownership and breeder responsibilities.

Australian National Kennel Council Governing body of Australian Canine organisations.

Dogs ACT The ACT Canine Association inc. is the controlling body for dog sports in the Australian Capital Territory and is a member of the Australian National Kennel Council.

South Australian Canine Association State Office in respect to the affairs of registered breeders, the registration of pedigree dogs and the administration of canine exhibitions in South Australia.

Tasmanian Canine Association Welcome to the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc (TCA Inc) the organisation which administers all pure-bred canine activities in this State.

Agility Dog Club of NSW Agility is a 'fun' sport open to handlers of all ages and their dogs whether they be pure bred or cross breeds

Canine Control Council Queensland This site has been built with the sole purpose of uniting the dog world in Queensland and around the world “ online”. It is designed to bring all information needed as a breeder, exhibitor, and dog lover together in the one convenient place.

Dogs Victoria Over 280 individual clubs representing Agility, Conformation, Earthdog, Endurance, Field Trials, Herding, Lure Coursing, Lure Racing, Obedience, Retrieving and Tracking, are affiliated with DOGS Victoria, with whom it works to achieve its purpose.

Canine Association of Western Australia The CAWA is a source of valuable information regarding dogs and the joys of owning a dog. The CAWA is the largest representative body of dog owners in WA

Pets playground Pets Playground has everything you need to make the most of pet ownership! .Pets Playground is a social utility that connects you with other likeminded people.

Pet Places Do you have pets? Do you travel? Then PetPlaces is the place for you!

North Australian Canine Association Affiliated with Australian Canine Council

Italian Greyhound Club of Canada Our purpose is the preservation and welfare of the Italian Greyhound breed through responsible breeding practices and the continuing education of both the IGCC members and the public.

Italian Greyhound club - Italy pictures of "real" Italian greyhounds

Italian Greyhound club America Terrific articles

Italian Greyhound Club UK Probably all you need to know about these small sighthounds can be found on these pages. Enjoy finding out more about our enchanting breed.

Italian Greyhound Rescue Shop Shop full of Iggy things with proceeds going towards iggy rescue!

Italian greyhound rescue international By sharing information about Italian Greyhounds and their "quirks", we hope to reduce the number of homeless IGs entering or re-entering rescue.

Renting with Pets publication Australian rental legislation

Friends of Italian Greyhounds Australia As we would love to have every Australian IG enthusiast as a member, and all members are encouraged to add to this web site, we hope to develop a major source of breed information.

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