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4: Puppies and your garden

We have found that iggies love to eat herbs and chew parsley from the garden. They also Love Lavender and often lie on the plants with a blissful look on their faces! As such we have planted a herb garden where the pups regularly play.

One of the most important areas to be aware of in your garden is the variety of plant species that can be poisonous to your new pup.

For example, Spider Lillies, Tulips, Nerines, Daffodil bulbs, Jonquils and Crocus can all be fatal to a curious pup if enough of the sap is ingested

Another plant that can cause angst to your pup is Wandering Jew. While not normally fatal, this plant can cause your dog to get itchy feet, and stomach rashes.

Some indoor plants such as Elephant Ears, Dumb Cane and Cyclamens can also be fatal to your puppy so make sure these are kept well out of reach.

When your your puppy explores your backyard, be sure to keep it away from any areas that have recently been treated with fertiliser, weed killer or snail bait. Remember, puppies explore the world with their mouths so make sure that any gardening chemicals such as insecticides and fertilisers are well sealed and stored out of harms way.

You may see your iggy-pup eating the dirt under the grass and wonder what he is doing – he is finding beetle larvae to eat. This is like truffles to a pup!

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions
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VET - BRIAN MUNROE – Leeton Vet Clinic - 0269533111

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